Advanced Business Applications

Our Perth-based network consultants are specialists in business processes. They work closely with our Sydney-based software developers to provide you with labour-saving business automation.


EXAMPLE: A customer had complaints from staff about the number of trucks they had to attend to each day in their dispatch. We automatically count the trucks upon arrival and a computer generated report graphing the number of trucks attending site each day, week and month, is automatically generated and e-mailed to the manager from our CI Cloud server.


Access Control Integration


Integration with an IP Access Control System provides an image to validate correct use of credentials.


EXAMPLE: A customer wanted to be alerted in the event a freezer door was left open after standard working hours, avoiding the spoiling of stock left unattended at the wrong temperature. Our system automatically emailed a snapshot to the duty manager, showing who was responsible for leaving the freezer door open.


Customer Counting


You have the ability to automatically count the number of customers entering your business each day, and, at the close of trading, an email can be sent, displaying a sites dollar turnover, referenced to the number of customers who visited the store that day.


The business owner can quickly compare and contrast the real time information sent from each of their sites and identify any possible anomalies. This email can be automatically generated from our CI Cloud server.

Point of Sale Integration


POS receipt information can automatically be superimposed on the applicable CCTV image. By way of example, cancelled transactions may trigger an alert message to the manager, complete with an image of the transaction.


Alternatively, you can view your CCTV footage timeline and search a POS transaction from within your CCTV system.

Customer Tracking


Track customer movements to reposition products in high traffic areas for profit maximisation.

Business Automation


EXAMPLE: Truck weighbridge information can be automatically superimposed on an image of the vehicle, combining a useful record of weight, registration plate number, and a date and time stamp.


This image is automatically saved in a computer network folder for reference, if and when required. Compliance is obtained without labour.

Talk to a CSI Consultant

CCTV business automation may be added at a future point in time to help you reduce labour costs. Please discuss your current and potential needs with our CSI Consultant to ensure you choose the correct system for your application.