Is It Recording?

Keep Your Data Safe

We proactively monitor your CCTV system and automatically advise you if your system is not recording to the hard disc drive.


Let’s say an external power surge caused a systems hard disk drive to become corrupt. Whilst all cameras would still be visible, playback would not work as the system has not recorded to the hard disc drive.

Automated Monitoring

It’s pointless installing a CCTV system if you don’t have the footage of an incident when you need it.


Typically, our industry advises customers to manually check if it’s recording at the start and end of each day. We believe this is a time-wasting procedure and exceptionally unreliable.


All of our systems are provided with hard disc drive monitoring. We automatically advise you if the system has a hard disc drive issue. For example, we’ll notify you if a staff member turns your CCTV off, because the hard disc drive would not have responded to our proactive checks.

Cloud Security

It’s also important to note that our CSI Engineers have designed the system to be self-contained by providing alerts directly to our external Cloud Monitoring Alert site. This avoids the complication of using your computer network with additional software.

Talk to a CSI Consultant

Speak to one of our consultants to determine which monitoring package is best for your business and application.