Is It Time For Me To Look At CCTV Camera Surveillance For My Business?

Is It Time For Me To Look At CCTV Camera Surveillance For My Business?

Many business owners are hesitant to make changes to their security systems. The simple truth is that business properties are always under a certain amount of risk, and a reasonably easy upgrade can amplify your security considerably. A closed circuit TV (CCTV) system provides video monitoring to a premises. Though the benefit of video surveillance is apparent, many owners wonder if it’s worth the investment. These common questions and their answers can help clarify any misunderstandings to help you make an informed decision.

I have a Security Alarm and Back to Base Monitoring, Isn’t That Enough?

Alarms are a great starting point. They notify against intrusion and can be used to scare said intruders when they trigger the system. A CCTV system amplifies this security. It adds a level of monitoring that functions even when alarms aren’t triggered, and it can amplify the deterring effect of the alarm. The idea of being caught on camera is often more daunting than just tripping an alarm.

Are There Other Benefits of Installing CCTV Camera Surveillance?

Plenty. For starters, a CCTV adds valuable information to your security system. While an alarm can tell you that someone is present, the camera can tell you who that someone is. More importantly, it can show you what they are doing. This does more than provide accountability for anyone who trips the alarm. It allows you to analyse a situation in real time. Rather than race off to the location when the alarm is tripped, modern CCTV systems can allow you tap into the feed remotely and see exactly what is happening.

Will I Need to Upgrade My Server and Computer Software?

No. Since a CCTV system is a deliberately closed system, it will work independently to your network and other systems. That includes the ability to have dedicated digital storage to save any recording footage from the security system.

I Can Watch My Business When I am not There. How Does This Work?

CCTV systems can be connected to an internet connection. While it will still operate as a closed, secure system, the internet connectivity can allow you to tap in remotely. Mobile devices, via a proprietary app, can show you the feed anywhere you have internet. This provides global access to your security feed and enables you to keep an eye on things at all times and from any location.

A CCTV won’t make your place of business immune to intrusion. It will add layers of deterrence, accountability and overall protection. The inclusion of video security can impact insurance requirements, legal responsibilities and the general feeling of safety at your premises. It certainly merits a deeper consideration and a conversation with a few security experts to help you really gauge the value of an upgrade.


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