More Than Security

Protect your hard work by always knowing what’s happening in your business. Our systems will quickly provide you with ‘the facts’, saving you time and money in your day-to-day business operations.


Constant Owner / Manager Presence

An effective CCTV system puts ‘your eyes’ everywhere. Things are different when people know the boss is watching.

You can confidently expand your business to multiple locations, or take a well-earned holiday, knowing you have the tools to watch and protect your business.


Minimise Fraudulent Employee Claims

Whether it be unfair dismissal, workplace fraud or a workers’ compensation issue, a visual record will give you indisputable evidence, and your exposure to litigation is automatically minimised.


Invoice Disputes

You now have the ability to quickly review goods inwards and product dispatch areas, allowing invoicing anomalies to be quickly addressed.


OH&S Compliance

Demonstrate your Occupational Health and Safety compliance to accommodate any internal or external audits. Workplace accidents are viewable and the facts of the event are easily conveyed to any enquiring Government authority.


Shrinkage and Theft Prevention

Shrinkage of both stock and company supplies can be minimized with the installation of an effective CCTV system. It automatically provides a deterrent to staff, visitors or intruders..


Enhanced Staff Productivity

Enhance the accountability and productivity of staff by assessing and reviewing their working behaviours at any time.


Industry / Customer Accreditation

Easily validate compliance with Industry Accreditation, or demonstrate your process to customers and potential customers.


Staff Training

Our reliable CCTV systems are often used to help managers identify wasteful production or business processes. CCTV footage is a valuable tool in staff training to improve efficiencies and work practices.


Employee and Customer Safety

Added business security provides a safer working environment for employees and customers.


Quality Control

Many of our customers use our CCTV systems to monitor the quality of their products and services from a remote location. For example, head office staff can check a rural packing shed, or the standard of products on their retail shelf.


To gain a sense of possible applications for your business, please refer to our Advanced Applications.