Try Before You Buy

We’re happy to give our customers the benefit of trying their CCTV system long before they make a buying decision.


After our visit to your premises we’ll better understand your needs and the best options to demonstrate to you.


Our purpose-built showroom in Osborne Park enables our customers to compare different systems and different quality cameras, as well as understand the role of different types of cameras.


It’s not just about the available options; it’s also a chance for you to ‘test drive’ and appreciate the best system to install.

We’ll also answer all your questions. Typically, people ask us:


-Is the system easy to use?

-What is the playback picture quality?

-How easy or difficult is it to find the footage you need?

-Is it difficult to export footage to a USB drive?

-What can the cameras see in the dark?

-How do the cameras cope with WA’s sunny weather conditions?

-Why can a 2-megapixel camera have a clearer image than an 8-megapixel camera?

-What can I do on the remote mobile app?

If you only need a small 4 camera system, our technical consultant can do a demonstration at your place of business. This way, you can see what the cameras look like in your premises.


Seeing Is Believing


By investing a small amount of time you’ll not only appreciate the camera options and functionality, you’ll better appreciate how we can mix and match camera and controller options to create the most cost-effective solution for your needs.


‘Grey Imports’ and imitation products can be commonplace in our industry and you can’t be sure of what you’re getting by looking at the exterior of a camera or viewing footage on a small smart phone – so don’t be fooled.


Customer demonstrations are available by appointment only, so please liaise with your CSI consultant.